Customized for you

Customized reports according to your target audience.

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Powered by AI

Data-driven spot-on fashion analysis via deep learning algorithms.

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Reach to whole world via social media and receive live trend analytics.

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Know your target audience's wants and boost your sales

Keep an eye on your target audience by analysing influencers that are closely related to your brand and your products on social media. Get an insight of trends that are specific to your desired products via our cutting-edge technology.

  • Choose what to follow on social media
  • In-depth analysis of styles based on your desired collection
  • Design combination pools for your customers
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System Architecture

Multiple deep learning methodologies are used in our platform, from object recognition to natural language processing. We, then, make sense of big data to provide you with trend insights.

Sophisticated Deep Learning Algorithms

We follow tens of thousands of Instagram accounts live and apply our deep learning algorithm to find clothing patterns, customer reactions-interactions, and a lot more.

We end up with a vast amount of data, which is later on interpreted and turned into visual reports that will enable you to grasp trends in advanced.

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T-Fashion enables you to follow influencers, hashtags, and locations all over the world. As soon as you create a combination pool by choosing what/who/where to follow for your desired collection, you will receive an in-depth analysis, which will enable you to pinpoint future trends.

Follow People, Hashtags, Locations

Choose celebrities, influencers, hashtags and locations that fits your brand identity and your target audience best. Add them to your combination pool and know how fashion trends will change, which product gets the most attention, and much more.

Filter Colors, Styles, Cloth Types, Age Ranges

Choose colors, styles, cloth types and age ranges that you want to know more. Filter them and learn what people likes the most, how trends regarding your filter tend to change and much more.

Get Inspired by Our Database

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