What’s Next

To provide you with insights, we listen to your target audience through social media and other data resources. We analyze millions of images that match with your target audience using cutting edge AI technologies. Our analysis will help you to make higher sales, bigger margins, and better decisions.


Produce and Buy
More Sustainable

Minimize overstock products and waste by making the products that your target audience actually want.


Boost Your
Sales and Margins

Make better decisions and create best-selling fashion products that are aligned with your DNA.


Validate Your Creativity with Market Data

Understand trend dynamics and your target audience to back your product intuitions with market data


Images Analyzed


Data Points


Decrease in Cost per Sale


Revenue Increase

How Does It Work


Audience Intelligence Tool

Define your unique target audience and brand identity with simple steps. After you introduce your target audience, we listen to your target audience and gather data through different digital channels, mainly from social media.


Analysis of Data

After gathering raw data from different sources, we analyze millions of images and data points related to your target audience. While analyzing the data, we understand specific features like age, gender, location, clothing type, style, color schemes, etc. with our sophisticated deep learning algorithms.


Trend Prediction

After analyzing each data in our pipeline, we end up with tens of millions of data points. We use these data points to make sense of how your target audience reacts to different trends and events. Looking at historical data, we provide you with one year ahead fashion trend forecasting to help you produce/buy the right product at the right time.


Fashion Analytics & Insights

We visualize the resulting trend data to help you grasp trend dynamics and find the winning products. In the end, you will have an in-depth understanding of what product trends are on the way to the market and how they will behave for next seasons. This will help you make better decisions, boost your sales and find new market opportunities.

Technology: Millions of Images Analyzed for You

We are using deep learning methodologies to extract hundreds of different information from each of the posts shared on social media, a place where new trends are born every day.

We collect data from your target audience 7/24 so that you can discover every new trend before anyone else and make smarter decisions.


How T-Fashion Can Help?

Designers & Creative Teams

  • Create best-selling products aligned with your brand DNA
  • Plan & confirm the relevance of your collection

Merchandisers & Buyers

  • Buy the right product at the right time
  • Buy in the right quantities for each trend and each market

& Sales

  • Plan your social media campaign
  • Decrease your cost per sale
  • Showcase the right product mix with the right styling

Why Do You Need to Analyze Social Media?

Ever-growing power of social media

  • 1 billion active users on Instagram
  • 72% increase in average use during COVID-19
  • 53 minutes spent daily on average

Social Media is
Reshaping the Fashion World

  • 4th most used hashtag is #fashion
  • +5 billion fashion related posts
  • 80% of consumers decide whether to buy a product or service on Instagram

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