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What is the Mob Wife Style? Tips and Tricks

Date: January 2024. Platform: TikTok. Since the beginning of this year, Mob Wife Style has been booming and gaining popularity. From gorgeous gold accessories such as oversized earrings and opulent necklaces, to faux-leather coats draping effortlessly and lavishly on the body, mob wife style has revived itself, taking a firm place in current fashion trends. Let us delve into the essential elements that define the mob wife style trend and explore together how to style it in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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What is Mob Wife Style?

"Mob Wife Style" refers to a fashion trend originating in the 1970s and 1980s, influenced by iconic movies like The Godfather series and Goodfellas, and television shows like The Sopranos. During this period, mafia wives’ costumes and fashion choices noticeably influenced the fashion trajectory of its day. Currently, thanks to the stylish combinations modeled by TikTok fashion influences, Mafia Wife Style has experienced a notable resurgence in popularity.

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According to the mob wife fashion trend, the primary idea is to embody a bold and glamorous aesthetic. You can fully embrace the mob wife aesthetic by using luxurious items, wearing attention grabbing clothes and opting for Italian luxury brands.

Tips and tricks to Mob Wife Aesthetic

While the definitions of the mob wife style and mafia wife aesthetic may be unclear, there are distinct elements that contribute to it. For a bold and dramatic effect, maximalist textures such as fur coats or faux-fur coats are favored. Incorporating red pieces into the outfit, without overpowering the ensemble, is a significant aspect of the trend. Additionally, animal prints, particularly leopard print, are preferred.

Mob Wife

High heels and biker boots are essential components that make up the mob wife outfit, adding to its edgy allure. When it comes to accessories, you should go for oversized gold pieces and large sunglasses which represent the power associated with the mob wife costume. With the aforementioned elements, characterized by its dramatic flair and unapologetic luxury, you too can exude the confidence, power, and undeniable allure of the mob wife.