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What is the Old Money Style?

Old Money

Old money is a term used for people who inherited financial power from their ancestors. Now, the term is turned into a fashion statement in clothing styles. The ‘'Old Money' style, which had briefly entered our lives in previous seasons, is now making a stronger and more permanent comeback.

The phrase “old money” means that the importance of the style is put on the well-tailored, classic clothing pieces. The old money style also emphasizes the elegant (an exquisite style of clothing is one that is subtle and graceful. Elegant styles include flowing skirts, cleanly cut silk blouses, and traditional empire waist gowns) accessories alongside postures, manners and nobility. The old money style among other clothing styles gives the impression of an effortless, elegant rich appearance. It is a lifestyle that reflects timeless elegance and refinement, showing that true luxury isn't about excess but about preserving timeless traditions and values. From neutral and monochrome colors, silk scarves to timeless pieces, the old money style is about dressing modestly in a way that emphasizes quality and showing elegance alongside sophistication.

Which Clothing Styles and Pieces are Used for Creating the Old Money Style?

Old Monet Theme

For old money style in women’s fashion, you can prefer clothing pieces in neutral and monochrome colors, classic and refined dresses and blouses alongside tailored trousers with pumps, simple sandals or ballet flats. For old money style in men’s clothing, on the other hand, we advise you to prefer to wear blazers, tuxedos, tailored suits, chino pants (a chino pant is a kind of trouser composed of chino cloth, which is a lightweight cotton twill fabric), polo shirts and high-quality dress shirts. However, complementing the old money style is through choosing the right, elegant accessories. We advise both men and women to use accessories to look timeless, elegant and sophisticated. Then, which old money accessory should you use?

Which Accessories are Used for Complementing the Old Money Style?

To complement the old money clothing style, using the accessories that symbolize established classic and high-quality look of the established wealth is important. The most important part of choosing an old money accessory is that they must be radiating the word “elegance.” From pearl necklaces, high-quality watches, silk scarves, diamond earrings, gold and silver accessories, headbands to walking canes, the old money style provides an elegant list of accessories to complement the look.

Which Hairstyles are Preferred in the Old Money Style?

Old Money Hairstyle

For women, you can connect old-fashioned charm with timeless hairstyles such as waves, chignons, and classic bobs, while for men you can choose slicked-back hair, side parts, or crew cuts to represent the traditional old money style.