Data-Driven Decisions Lead to 40% Decrease in Cost Per Sale for Hemington

Hemington is a popular brand that offers smart casual knitwear collections for its customers. Known for its high-quality products, Hemington wanted to take their digital marketing to the next level by leveraging data and trends to maximize the success of their campaigns. That's where T-Fashion came in.

With T-Fashion's AI-powered trend forecasting platform, Hemington was able to get a deep understanding of their target audience and the trends that would work best for them. The platform analyzed billions of interactions taking place online to provide Hemington with customized fashion analytics and data-driven trend insights.

The results were impressive. Hemington had thousands of items in their new Spring collection, and they struggled to find the items that would lead to the highest engagement and sales. With T-Fashion's analysis, we suggested 10 items that should be highlighted in the campaign. Hemington's digital marketing team also chose 10 items on their own.

We ran A/B tests to see which items performed better and the results were clear. The items that were selected based on T-Fashion's analysis outperformed the items chosen by Hemington's marketing team by a significant margin. The campaign led to a decrease in Cost Per Sale by 40% for that season's digital marketing campaign.

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40%Cost per Sale